Drill Modifications for 2014

Quite a lot of work been done to the 750a in anticipation of the 2014 cropping season.  We bought the machine used knowing it had quite a lot of wear that would soon need sorting out,  the drills computer shows 9999ha work done when we bought it so its certainly covered in excess of that area over the last few seasons !

Hopper extension ready for paint


Drawbar strenghtened to cope with the extra weight


Rear frame – axle strengthened (we have had cracking in this area)


Also a pretty extensive rebuild of the coulters has been done – most pins and bushes have been replaced to eliminate free play,  some were JD parts and others we had made at a local machine shop at much lower cost


Unable to buy new tyres for the 60 series depth it was more economic to replace complete wheels with newer 90 series units,  Coulters and seed boots were also upgraded to 90 series for better seed placement.

750a rebuild.JPG

Seed firming wheels changed for the slimer profile V8 wheel from Needham AgUSA

Needham AG Wheel


and seed tabs changed for Bonilla seed tabs

Heavy Duty Bonilla Seed Tabs


Not a cheap and a lot of man hours involved but a very comprehensive rebuild with improvements that take the drill to currently 90 series 750a spec and beyond,  Ready for the next 9999ha of work now !