Cover Crops – the next step

My first year of zero-til with the 750a has given me great confidence in its ability to cope with extreme trash residue from previous crops.

The success I saw drilling on the green WOSR volunteer crops has encouraged me to push the idea further and invest in my soils planting cover crops that will hopefully capture sunlight and water in a period when land would otherwise be bare,  sustain and improve soil biology and fertility

Crops were established as soon as practical behind the combine at harvest and the results so far encouraging

this was  home brew mix that has produced very impressive biomass very quickly – Mustard, linseed, oats, sunflower and some peas – very cheap and I think rather successful



I planted “pedder #1″ mix on a lot of acres – the level of bio mass achieved being pretty much directly proportionate to establishment date,  lesson is these crops need to go in early as possible,  higher seed rates for better ground cover or maybe even a low rate of N to promote rapid growth

There is a lot going on below the surface,  roots doing the subsoiling job for me !

along with these guys who seem to love and really appreciate the cover crops

the multi species mixes all seem to bring different things to the party !  hopefully nutrition improvements  will reduce fertiliser costs in the next crop

looking forward to spring and getting the drill direct into these cover crops