Emerging Wheat

Well finally got round to taking a few pics of the emerging wheat – it’s all rather slow but I think that has more to do with October drilling date and wet cold weather

It’s much harder to walk these DD crops as the residue take the eye before the plants – you have to walk field properly as it’s no longer evident that all is ok from a quick look over the gate ! – this will create a significant increase in management and agronomist time I guess, especially through the first few months of the crops life

It’s notable how dry it walks though and how well it would carry a sprayer if needed – digging into the rows show a lot more seeds just about to emerge so I think rows should be looking much fuller by next weekend

After Oats – I suspect you may need zoom to see it !


………But it’s all there and coming through nicely


After OSR




Slug pellets so far are 4kg that went on at drilling as a precaution – and the land after OSR has just had another 4kg this week as I could find a bit of grazing

I think it will be spring before it looks like a “normal” crop as residues get pulled into the soil and wheat tillers.

I can see a difference in my soil already, worms and structure better than I have seen for years despite it taking a pounding this season

We are drilling again today and still have 500ac to do but I doubt we will see plants much before Christmas now – emergence does seem slow !

Overall I’m very happy with how it’s gone so far – we have spent very little money or time of doing what we have so far and 100% of what we have drilled seems to be growing

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