First day out

Finally got going with wheat drilling today on some nice light free draining soils, almost a month latter than we had planned to start due to seemingly constant wet weather – VERY pleased with the job the drill is doing.

Nice easy start for us on a block of land after OSR that has no volunteers, we are applying 4kg of Detrex on the back of the drill as I can find a few slugs and eggs. The rest of our OSR stubble’s are over 1ft tall with a thick volunteer crop, I’m sure the drill will cope though

The soil – it’s very light and free draining on this block of land, not in the picture but number of worms is good at least half a dozen uncovered in a spade full, I didn’t expect to see them increasing so soon so maybe the solo and rapid were doing more harm to them than I thought ??

Uncovered seed slot – depth seems very even and there is no smeering of the slot at all, I smeared more with my fingers trying to find the seed !

Slot covered by gutler

after following harrow

Drill working at a slight angle to last years crop

I reckon we are spending well under £10/ac doing this – compare that with my min till establishment cost last year of closer to £60 and you can see one of the reasons why we have returned to direct drilling !!! not to mention how quick it all is and the lack of need for 600hp crawlers ! I cant see any reason why this won’t grow and yield well ??

Work rates are very pleasing – already running about 10ac/hr which will increase as operator gains experience I’m sure, it’s leaving the soil nicely consolidated, absolutely no need to roll at all I reckon. Completed filed looks a picture, to my surprise it does seem to have leveled up marks from combine and chaser bin nicely and all look lovely and level

We are using RTK GPS so no need for marker arms and we are not tram-lining as the Sprayer will put them back in on top of last years

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