November Rain

Over the last few days we have had a total of over 80mm of rainfall. This on top of what has been to date the wettest year for over 100 years here has left land sodden, local roads flooded and thousands of acres underwater

After lunch today I decided to take a look at a few blocks of our wheat to see how badly they had been affected, honestly I feared the worst and that much of it would probably be underwater but what I did see is truly remarkable.

The picture below shows one of our fields of wheat that has been pictured before elsewhere in this blog, I couldn’t believe how well it has taken this latest deluge of water, In previous dryer years this is a field that does suffer from some wet areas – but today it looks just fine !


turning around 180 deg and looking through the hedge to neighbors land which is of identical soil type, the same elevation and was established within a week of our crop using a plough and power harrow combo this is what I could see !……………I don’t fancy it’s chances at all


even our headlands seem to have escaped water logging which was something we regularly saw when we used the vaderstad drill


and here is what my boot looked like after walking over about 100ac didn’t even bother to change to my wellies ! incidentally this was one of the fields that was maybe 1ft tall with volunteer OSR when drilled 7 weeks ago, trash has mostly gone now as the worms pull it into the ground


I really am finding this remarkable now, I expected soil structure to improve over time but really had no expectations to see changes like this so soon, it would travel with a sprayer if we needed to.

One thought on “November Rain

  1. Clive, quiet frankly that is amazing. our drilled land at home looks similar to yours (most of which was ploughed and PH combi drilled.) the rape was put in with Vaddy 300s and is growing ok but has some slug damage, we have tried min till but tend to get a heavy weed pressure, perhaps we are not using a robust enough chem programme,
    the shots of next doors ploughed land with lakes looks sadly reminiscent of a next door neighbours bean feilds although his where direct drilled into the stubble ..

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